No time to cleanse

In my experience in practice at the Digestive Centre, what I found is that most people have no time to cleanse, that said; they also have no experience with it.  Even if they have a great interest, the belief is that they have not time.  What I’ve seen over the years is that when people do take the time they experience a great deal of benefits. The first thing that most people say is, they get more done and have a brighter clearer mind.  Now they are more productive and are not spinning there wheels as often. The objection of making time in there busy schedule actually disappears. Then they have a desire to make a priority for cleansing and cleaning of the body.  Once people experience cleansing, they’re generally are sold on it!

greensmoothie4-680x510In this changing world, we have to realize it’s not the same world our parents grew up in.  It’s like we’re being tricked every day, at least that’s the way I always feel. How many times do you read or hear something about a food or a damaging environmental chemical that is shocking to you?  Our food production has changed; we’re eating foods today that if you saw the production yourself, you would stop eating it right away. We’re in contact with more chemicals than ever before; we eat more food today that is produced by chemicals than grown in the ground.  You’re body is pushing back even if you don’t realize it. That’s why you are tired, sicker and fat.

Cleansing works well for healing illness or prevention because it releases your body from the burden of constant digestion and gives your organs the chance to flush out all those accumulated toxins. When you develop a regular schedule of taking a break from eating offensive foods or from eating solid food. Your tired and overworked body will get some very needed rest. Setting your body up for a good house cleaning is a time-tested practice.

Make sure you alway use colonics to get those toxins out quickly. Colonics insure you don’t reabsorb the toxins you have worked so hard to illuminate.



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Cleanse Easily

Suzanne’s goal is to help people increase clarity and lessen confusion about nutrition, emotional care, and a healthy balanced lifestyle. She has helped her clients correct and combat disease, improve gastrointestinal health, lose weight, and simply learn how to give their body what it needs. What is Suzanne up to now? As of late, having moved to Qualicum Beach area on Vancouver Island; Suzanne is training and pursuing a practice in Bach Flower Remedies, Nutrition, and Cleanse Counselling. In order to offer health and emotional support to her clients in this unprecedented time of a wildly spreading virus.

One thought on “No time to cleanse”

  1. Detoxing the body is necessary and easier than we think. Making time to care for our bodies now rather than later is critical. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. 😊


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