Covid-19 Management for your Anxiety

In light of the Covid-19 virus, these are unprecedented times. If your emotional tolerance are being challenged. Please use this video to start a breath practice to aid your anxiety. This is a powerful tool to keep you calm and aid coping.

Click here for a great relax tool

Stay home as much as possible, wash your hands and clothing, care for others needs when needed. Also remember you need to ask for help if you are in need. Peace and love Suzanne

Published by

Cleanse Easily

Suzanne’s goal is to help people increase clarity and lessen confusion about nutrition, emotional care, and a healthy balanced lifestyle. She has helped her clients correct and combat disease, improve gastrointestinal health, lose weight, and simply learn how to give their body what it needs. What is Suzanne up to now? As of late, having moved to Qualicum Beach area on Vancouver Island; Suzanne is training and pursuing a practice in Bach Flower Remedies, Nutrition, and Cleanse Counselling. In order to offer health and emotional support to her clients in this unprecedented time of a wildly spreading virus.

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