Can Bach Flower Remedies help you experience Covid-19 easier?

Covid-19 has caused an emotional overload globally. I’m sure you can feel it? The news broadcasters today, have repeated messages of to be reminded to be kind, be tolerant and think of others.

Could it be we as a society, needs some emotional support?

Well it’s clear that these Flower remedies will not address the infection rate of this wildly spreading virus or heal you if you do get sick. Many people across the world can attest to the stress, worry and stuck feelings associated with our changed lives. I know for myself every time I try to make a change or start up something new. I get slammed in the face with the restrictions of society right now. Then a total polar opposite issue, we have others who are working crazy hours and putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk. That can be unimaginable stress. I’m sure everyone knows what I am talking about. I could go on but, I think you get the picture, these are personal strains pretty universal for all the worlds population.

Where I have found Bach Flower Remedies can be helpful to everyone. No this is not going to cure the world of a virus, but it can take the jigged edges off everyone’s emotional load. Dr. Bach has explained this beautifully below.

Bach Flower Remedies and the human mind is a complex network of neurons working through the electromagnetic impulses and radiations. These are subtle energies whose balance affects the overall well being of the person. Plants and their parts contain various bioactive compounds having various effects on physical, emotional and psychological effects on human body. Flower essences are subtle extracts having profound effect on emotional well-being, soul development and mind-body health. Floral remedies including Bach Remedies very popular in the West as a part of complementary medicine are thought to be effective in psychosomatic and related ailments. This review covers the healing powers of Bach and other flower remedies, described by Dr. Bach

These remedies were developed by a medical doctor, Dr. Bach from England. who then went on to head a homeopathic school, then did his own research to develop the Bach Flower system of emotional support. Dr. Bach believed that illnesses started at the emotional level and set out to design a system to ease emotions, and in that support and ease illness of all types. He particularly believed all illness such as arthritis or heart disease as an example, had roots in different emotional origins. So Dr. Bach set out to address emotional stresses, and not to heal the disease itself. He did discover that when emotions cleared and eased, illness tended to ease as well.

Dr. Bach developed a system of 38 Flower Remedies, making the combinations used for anyone individual able to be tailored to your personal needs. If you feel after this brief explanation, this treatment system sounds ideal for you. Please contact Suzanne and set up a appointment in a socially distanced appointment or a video appointment over the internet.

Hoping peace and kindness returns to our world