Once you experience cleansing, you’ll be sold!

In my experience in practice at the Trust in the Process . Digestive Center, what I found is that most people have no time to cleanse or detoxify, mainly because they have no experience with it. Even if they have a great interest the belief is that they have not time.  What I’ve seen over the years is that when people do take the time they experience a great deal of benefits. The first thing that most people say is, they get more done and have a brighter clearer mind.  Now they are more productive and are not spinning their wheels as often. The objection of making time in their busy schedule actually disappears. Then they have a desire to make a priority for cleansing and cleaning of the body.  Once people experience cleansing, they are generally are sold on it!

In this changing world, we have to realize it’s not the same world our parents grew up in.  It’s like we’re being tricked every day, at least that’s the way I always feel. How many times do you read or hear something about a food or a damaging environmental chemical that is shocking to you?  Our food production has changed; we’re eating foods today that if you saw the production yourself, you would stop eating it right away. We’re in contact with more chemicals than ever before; we eat more food today that is produced by chemicals than grown in the ground.

When your body has a less toxic load and your food is more nourishing and hydrating

You’re body is pushing back even if you don’t realize it. That’s why you are tired, sicker and fatter.

Cleansing works well for healing illness or prevention because it releases your body from the burden of constant digestion and gives your organs the chance to flush out all those accumulated toxins. When you develop a regular schedule of taking a break from eating offensive foods or from eating solid food. Your tired and overworked body will get some very needed rest. Setting your body up for a good house cleaning is a time-tested practice.

What you’re going to find below is a list of what a lot of people find when they do cleanses. Not everybody will get the same results. That is why there is a large list shown below. What, I can tell you is that everyone will get the healing needed.  You might ask, how can you say that everyone will get what he or she needs. I can confidently say this, because when your body has a less toxic load and your food is nourishing and hydrating, then your immune system can work at its peak level to solve illness or prevent it.

  1. Removing Toxins and rids the body of excess waste
  • Stimulate the organs to purge their toxic load
  • Supports the liver to shed old stones and sludge
  • Helps the colon to let go of built up trapped gasses, plaque, mucus and sludge
  • Reduces the recirculation of toxins in the body
  • Reduce the pressure in the organ systems
  1. Improve and heal the digestive system
  • Absorbing nutrients better
  • Reduce and heal damage to the whole system from mouth to anus (that’s right the anus)
  • Clear the colon from back up and the recirculating of toxic sludge that tweaks the immune system and keeps it on overload
  • Gut-biome regeneration by lowering bad bacteria and adding probiotic growth.
  1. Enhance your immune system
  • Your immune system can get over signaled. By cleansing your organs you strengthen the immune system. It’s kind of like at work when your boss gives you to much to do you tend to spin your wheels. Then when you have a juicy project to drive into you’re so pumped and really get the job done. Thinking if your immune system that way can make it clearer for you.
  • Auto-Immune disease is a result of over stimulation of the immune system
  • Cleaning your digestive system is a great way to stop the immune system over load
  • Mild exercise will stimulate Lymph flow another avenue for your body to get the toxins out of the body.
  1. Floods our body with super nutrition 
  • In the case of juice fasting being on an all-produce diet gives us not only the vitamins and minerals but the all-important phytonutrients that are powerhouses for the clean-up and healing process. Juices retain nutrients that would be destroyed by cooking, including some B vitamins and especially (digestive and anti-inflammatory) enzymes.

5. Helps to Lose weight

  • Weight loss is a side benefit of cleansing – very worthy motivator for dietary change
  • Body defense mechanism: The body wants to keep your fat if it (the body) feels it is off balance. Just incase you get sick; it just might need that fat to stay alive.
  • You get to review your long term eating habits. While doing a cleanse you realize you feel better with real foods and less foods.
  • Clear food addictions – such as sugar, bad fats and chemicals in processed foods
  1. Improve skin and hair quality
  • Skin rashes are really common in my office. They can show up in the form of Dermatitis, Eczema, Premature aging and wrinkled skin, Brown liver spots, Red itchy rashes anywhere on your body, deep painful rashes that can lead to ulcers, Hives, Psoriasis, Acne and Acne rosacea.
  • Emotional issues are associated with skin issues. How many of you know when your family or friends are upset as soon as you see a blotch or rash on their face. It’s the first thing that I weave into my conversation, if a client arrives with skin issues.
  • Hair loss or dull hair is also a direct reflection of your health. Most doctors will give you a visual look and see that as a sign that you are not well.
  1. Slow premature aging and Prevent Chronic Disease
  • Just like Bobby Dylan’s song lyrics “I was older then, I’m much younger than that now”
  • A lot of the old age symptoms that everyone talks about a parties are false
  • Predisposition to a chronic disease due to genetics means you need to be more careful and keep your body low in toxic load.
  • Once you have done all the cleansing and your still have health issues now a natural doctor can now see what is left to treat. The confusion of built up toxins is lower so it’s not confusing the health issue. You might not even have any health issues left. Wouldn’t that be a great result? Now you are on to living it up and doing all the things that you are passionate about.
  1. Improve quality of life and boost energy
  • Helps to develop healthier habits around food and body movement. Once you have worked diligently to clean your body, you have an incentive to eat better and work out too.
  • As your brain fog clears you feel more like applying your self at work
  • Health worry starts to drop off connecting this to reducing of emotional stress
  • Have more energy to play with family or the hobbies you have always wanted to get involved in.
  1. Clear Thinking – Mental and Emotional Connection
  • The Gut Brain connection is a well documented in many publications. One example from Harvard Medical School states “ If a person experiences gastrointestinal upset with no obvious cause. For such fictional GI disorders, it is difficult to try to heal a distressed gut without considering the role of stress and emotion.”
  • Julia Ross in her book “Mood Cure” documents the connection to nutrition and depression.
  • Cleansing and nutrition may not be the only answer to emotional issues and depression. It is how ever a wedge of the pie that is the answer.

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Is “Gimasio” our salty taste saviour?

Hey all you low salt people, check this out. Make your own low salt substitute at home. … or … If your the opposite and your a salt monger. This recipe will allow you your salt and favour too.

With this recipe you can have that salty taste that is so taboo. A yummy way to giving your body the minerals you so need.

“Gimasio” Sesame Salt with Minerals and lots of Nutrition, plus a Wonderful Taste. Suzanne loves sharing recipes to fool your family into loving healthy foods. Clean eating has to taste good or it’s really hard to stay with it. We are taste driven and that won’t change, so it has to have great taste.

The Japanese culture has given us “Gimasio”, a wonderful tasting and nutritious, salty sprinkle. I discovered this treat years ago and have made it a staple in our home. It not only is unique, but everyone will love it. It’s brilliant, isn’t it! All you need to do is put it on the table at dinner time and see your family sprinkle on the nutrition.

The best thing is it is really easy to make. Just look at the recipe and the health benefits below.

“Dulse Seaweed” has great benefits of blood purifying, high in calcium and great source of health supporting minerals, alkalizing, great support nutrients for your thyroid, contains anti-oxidants, detoxifying, also supports weight loss in the body.

Shhhhh … Dulse Seaweed is taster than you think! A great source of health supporting minerals


1 cup of unhalted, Organic Brown Sesame Seeds

½ bag Organic dulse seaweed flakes (see bag picture above, make sure you buy the dulse flakes)

4 tbs unrefined Sea Salt (I like to use the pink Himalayan salt)


Roast sesame seeds by stirring in the skillet over medium – low heat until they smell toasty and crumble easily between your thumb and forefinger. If using moist sea salt, lightly roast it, with the seeds.

Then put the dulse flakes, sesame seeds and salt into a blender and pulse till most of the seeds have been grounded.

Store in the Fridge

Sprinkle on any dish you want to add some salty taste. Enjoy the subtle and complex taste it brings to any dish.


Juice Feast Your Self

You only get one body! Keeping your insides clean can prevent illness


Juice cleansing is often called “Juice Feasting” because you are not starving at all. In fact just to opposite is true, you are being fed quite well. This style of cleansing can be sustained easily for 3 days, 7 days or 10 days, some people with deep systemic illness, I’ve witnessed clients doing a 30 day cleanse. Although a 30-day cleanse is not generally taken on by a first time cleanser. You might want to build up your confidence as you experience the benefits. Your body will be changed for the better no matter the length of cleanses you do.

If you have never done this style of cleansing before, be kind to your self and start with a time frame that is shorter and doable. Setting yourself up for failure is not much help to your health or your psyche.

After working with so many clients who are on juice cleanses. I can report that they are moving toxins out at such a rate that the colonics are a great benefit. They report a great relief from the treatment. While they are absorbing all the vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals, the digestive system has little to do. This leaving the body time to clean house or should I say “clean body”.

“Dr. Gerson’s therapeutic program seeks to regenerate an ailing body by bringing it back to health by flooding the sick patient with nutrients the nutrients come from raw juices … generously consumed”  from “The Gerson Therapy” by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker D.P.M.

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