Is “Gimasio” our salty taste saviour?

Hey all you low salt people, check this out. Make your own low salt substitute at home. … or … If your the opposite and your a salt monger. This recipe will allow you your salt and favour too.

With this recipe you can have that salty taste that is so taboo. A yummy way to giving your body the minerals you so need.

“Gimasio” Sesame Salt with Minerals and lots of Nutrition, plus a Wonderful Taste. Suzanne loves sharing recipes to fool your family into loving healthy foods. Clean eating has to taste good or it’s really hard to stay with it. We are taste driven and that won’t change, so it has to have great taste.

The Japanese culture has given us “Gimasio”, a wonderful tasting and nutritious, salty sprinkle. I discovered this treat years ago and have made it a staple in our home. It not only is unique, but everyone will love it. It’s brilliant, isn’t it! All you need to do is put it on the table at dinner time and see your family sprinkle on the nutrition.

The best thing is it is really easy to make. Just look at the recipe and the health benefits below.

“Dulse Seaweed” has great benefits of blood purifying, high in calcium and great source of health supporting minerals, alkalizing, great support nutrients for your thyroid, contains anti-oxidants, detoxifying, also supports weight loss in the body.

Shhhhh … Dulse Seaweed is taster than you think! A great source of health supporting minerals


1 cup of unhalted, Organic Brown Sesame Seeds

½ bag Organic dulse seaweed flakes (see bag picture above, make sure you buy the dulse flakes)

4 tbs unrefined Sea Salt (I like to use the pink Himalayan salt)


Roast sesame seeds by stirring in the skillet over medium – low heat until they smell toasty and crumble easily between your thumb and forefinger. If using moist sea salt, lightly roast it, with the seeds.

Then put the dulse flakes, sesame seeds and salt into a blender and pulse till most of the seeds have been grounded.

Store in the Fridge

Sprinkle on any dish you want to add some salty taste. Enjoy the subtle and complex taste it brings to any dish.